Welcome to the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard!

The Institute is a nonprofit formed in 2011 to benefit investors and society through its research, education and advocacy of the fiduciary standard’s importance to investors, our capital markets and economy.

Six key fiduciary duties embody the fundamental elements of an investment fiduciary’s responsibility.

These duties are:

  • Serve the client’s best interest
  • Act in utmost good faith
  • Act prudently – with the care, skill and judgment of a professional
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Disclose all material facts
  • Control investment expenses





Rostad Speaks to New York County

Lawyers Association

March 27 — Institute president, Knut Rostad, spoke this week before the New York County Lawyers Association on Dodd Frank and fiduciary duty. His message, “Fiduciary duty has a proud heritage dating back centuries and its imprint is abundantly evident in the legislative history of the Advisers Act of 1940. However, over the past 15 years, it has been greatly weakened in federal regulation. We are approaching a tipping point. If the SEC continues in the direction evident in its March 2013 release, the fiduciary standard could well become fiduciary in name only in the regulation of investment advice.” Rostad’s remarks are here.


Get Involved

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard doesn’t have formal membership, as it isn’t a membership association. It is a non profit, a private foundation. But, we need the involvement of all those willing to help–in any capacity!
bob monks

Frankel Fiduciary Prize
December 10, 2013 — Robert A G Monks received the Frankel Fiduciary Prize
for advancing fiduciary principles in public life at a Washington symposium. Speakers included Jack Bogle, and Ralph Nader.


March 26, 2014 -John C. Bogle Legacy and Knut Rostad speak at the Museum of American Finance. Read more here

Dec 5, 2013 -John C. Bogle Legacy Book Launches with December 5 Panel Discussion (press release)

Sept 24, 2013 – Join the Institute on a conference call to discuss new research on American attitudes toward Wall Street, attitudes of the financial professionals working on Wall Street and potential remedies for investor distrust on September 26th. Details provided here.