Welcome to the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard!

The Institute is a nonprofit formed in 2011 to benefit investors and society through its research, education and advocacy of the fiduciary standard’s importance to investors, our capital markets and economy.

Six key fiduciary duties embody the fundamental elements of an investment fiduciary’s responsibility.

These duties are:

  • Serve the client’s best interest
  • Act in utmost good faith
  • Act prudently – with the care, skill and judgment of a professional
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
  • Disclose all material facts
  • Control investment expenses




Levitt, Frankel, Gensler
Certner, Kelleher, Roper, Garrett
Lead Fiduciary September 2014 Events


August 25 – The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard today announced events the Institute has organized to commemorate Fiduciary September 2014. Fiduciary September was established by the Institute to spotlight the vital role and current state of fiduciary principles in financial and investment advice. Read more here  


Get Involved

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard doesn’t have formal membership, as it isn’t a membership association. It is a non profit, a private foundation. But, we need the involvement of all those willing to help–in any capacity! Learn more here.

Frankel Fiduciary Prize
August 4, 2014 — Gary Gensler will receive the Frankel Fiduciary Prize Sept. 19th at Columbia University in NYC. For information about the event contact the Institute at info@thefidcuiaryinstitute.org.


Aug. 25, 2014 -The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard announces the events for Fiduciary September 2014. (Press Release)

Aug. 4, 2014 -Gary Gensler, Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman, Wins Frankel Fiduciary Prize (Press Release)

July 31, 2014 -TD Ameritrade Institutional to be “Exclusive Sponsor” of Institute’s Fiduciary September Program. Read more here