April 19, 2016, Interview with Knut Rostad by Christopher Carosa, CTFA, Fiduciarynews.com

FN: Knut, what’s new and happening on your end of things since we last interviewed you in September of 2014?
Rostad: The energy around the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard has grown. We have released our Best Practices for Financial Advisors and formed the Chairman’s Council, a group of larger RIAs who have come together to advise on and help advocate for Best Practices. Further, next month we will launch our ‘Campaign for Investors’ from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

FN: Before we get to your concerns, what the one thing you like most about the DOL’s new Conflict of Interest (a.k.a. “Fiduciary”) Rule?
Rostad: The investor educational impact of the DOL rule has been huge. The discussion around fiduciary duties and conflicts of interest, spearheaded by the President, has moved to center stage. Investor awareness of investing conflicts and costs has increased by a lot.

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