Welcome to Fiduciary September. Fiduciary September, established in 2012 by the Institute, is the Institute’s annual month-long special recognition of the vital role of fiduciary duties for investors and the capital markets.

“2016 is a watershed year. The DOL Fiduciary Rule creates an opportunity for a new era of investor-centric advice. An era, today in its infancy, where new products and technology offer investors unprecedented convenience, choice and services.” according to Institute president, Knut A. Rostad. “The DOL and market forces have set the stage for a fiduciary renaissance.”


  • September 29, 2016  – Myths and Realities of Investor Distrust: Causes and Cures (Webinar)
  • September 12, 2016  – What Investors Can Learn About An Advisor’s Conflicts in Form ADV: ‘But Were Not Sure How to Ask’ (White Paper)
  • September 8, 2016 – Fiduciary September 2016 ‘Raising the bar’ and ‘Delivering the promise’ (News Release)

Media Coverage

Edward Jones TV Spot: “Making Sense of Investing”



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